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Manohara Not Move on Yet

temp - Got a pretty face did not make it easy to Manohara Odelia Pinot get a girlfriend. Since splitting from her husband Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, Manohara nevertheless not go have a replacement pair. "If the boyfriend has not been so, can not be targeted as well, I live I am busy with work, enjoy. While this is not something that is important girlfriends, it is important I
What Manohara Say about Bubu And Syahrini ?

Jakarta - Manohara Odelia Pinot is never a love affair with the prince of Kelantan Malaysia apparently did not know Bubu alias Raja Mohammad Syazni, Syahrini lover. Mano did not seem sure if Bubu is a descendant of the king in Malaysia. The reason, hehad never heard of it. In fact he had one called Bubu name instead become mush. "I do not know it, do
Manohara: No boyfriend, Friends Yes

Manohara always had a way to attract people's attention when he attended the event with beauty and style berbusananya. Women born 28 February 1992 can not be denied to attract men with charm. Many indeed are attracted, but not one that fits in the liver Manohara for he made partner. Mano is often performed by himself, of course raises questions about his choice to not date
Manohara Ready Lebaran in Shooting Locations

Manohara routinely set aside some sustenance as zakat is given to those who qualify. In addition, each year is also likely give tithes in the form of rice, 2.5 kg. "Thank God I've always been paying zakat. I'm both, rice and money. I each got a fortune always gives charity or donated to a foundation or to an orphanage," he said when met at Manohara
A fairy tale gone wrong

Los Angeles Times Reporting from Jakarta, Indonesia — The beautiful young socialite slipped the businessman a note scrawled in eyeliner on a crumpled napkin. "Help me," it pleaded. She was a teenage Indonesian model who had married a Malaysian prince, but Manohara Odelia Pinot says her life with him was no fairy tale. Press accounts of her allegations of abuse and tales of her escape from an
Manohara in Her Own Words

Jakarta Globe Sitting in a room in a hotel in South Jakarta is a 17-year-old girl who has travelled the world, married a prince and run away, and whose face is now famous across Indonesia. Her story is so extraordinary that it is hard to believe. Her fairytale-to-nightmare claims of a whirlwind marriage, kidnapping, abuse and escape have gripped the public, overshadowing the Ambalat row with
Manohara Odelia PInot

Manohara is a young model was born in Jakarta, February 28, 1992. Born of a mother of noble Bugis, Daisy Fajarina and a French father, Reiner Pinot Noack, I wonder if Manohara, nickname, inherited the face and beautiful body shape. His name began to soar when entered into the list of 100 Enchantment Indonesia by the magazine Harper's Bazaar. At young age he already has lofty