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Manohara Ready Lebaran in Shooting Locations

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Manohara routinely set aside some sustenance as zakat is given to those who qualify. In addition, each year is also likely give tithes in the form of rice, 2.5 kg. “Thank God I’ve always been paying zakat. I’m both, rice and money. I each got a fortune always gives charity or donated to a foundation or to an orphanage,” he said when met at Manohara Madeline Beauty Center, Jl. Gunawarman, South Jakarta, Friday (19/08/2011). While the matter of Lebaran, Manohara pleaded not make special preparations to welcome the day of victory. In fact, on that day forth the possibility that he could not, because there is shooting stripping to be completed. “I’m nothing special Eid preparation, because I was filming the soap opera again. So the plan widths depending on the shooting schedule, if we can indeed be a few days off to Makassar does he want with her grandmother, but if you do not automatically lebarannya on the set,” he said. Most likely Mano, so called, will berlebaran on the set. Inevitably it must be lived, because it was tied to contractual agreements. He must be prepared to complete the work, although others were berlebaran at home. “Ready, because it once was widths on the set. Same crew was like family. The family also understand if I spent time working quite a lot,” he concluded.

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