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What Manohara Say about Bubu And Syahrini ?

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Jakarta – Manohara Odelia Pinot is never a love affair with the prince of Kelantan Malaysia apparently did not know Bubu alias Raja Mohammad Syazni, Syahrini lover. Mano did not seem sure if Bubu is a descendant of the king in Malaysia. The reason, hehad never heard of it. In fact he had one called Bubu name instead become mush.

“I do not know it, do not know. So before even one call to a pulp,” said Manohara when found in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (30/5).

Mano further claimed to have never noticed a figure that is now Bubu establish love withSyahrini. Especially in the neighbor country alone there are nine kingdoms he could notidentify one by one.

“I never knew or heard of it because of Malaysia’s nine royal, lots of it,” he explained.

So what about the Mano response relationship with Syahrini Bubu? Moreover, it was he had ever had when dealing with Tengku Muhammad Fakhry.

“I never knew meraka. After all different so I had the same problem. That each one, I’m not talking about ah,” he said. [fei]

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