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Manohara: No boyfriend, Friends Yes

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Manohara always had a way to attract people’s attention when he attended the event with beauty and style berbusananya. Women born 28 February 1992 can not be denied to attract men with charm. Many indeed are attracted, but not one that fits in the liver Manohara for he made partner.

Mano is often performed by himself, of course raises questions about his choice to not date in advance. “Make me deh whoa, not because I closed and traumatized by the man but that could not targeted, over time wrote,” he said when met at the restaurant when open with Dapoer Aceh, Jl General Sudirman, Central Jakarta, Friday (26 / 8) night.

The work that many are making Mano distracted attention from the question of looking for a boyfriend. Moreover Mano itself had plenty of guy friend she can confide in friends made​​. “I gathered that the same friends I wrote, a lot of guy friends. But just friend wrote,” he said. With this beauty, certainly not difficult for Mano to find a mate, like what would be the ideal type of man in the eyes of Mano?

“Physical is not the number one, what’s the cute one if his good baseball. The important thing for me not chemistrynya be closed for all circles, I do not choose from among or employment status,” he explained

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