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Manohara Boobs Adorable

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belahan-dada-manoharaAfter studying various ways to determines the condition of Manohara Odelia Pinot, finally in May 2009, the Daisy can communicate with Manohara even if only by phone. This can be accomplished with the help of Dato Khadar Shah, an official representative of the Kingdom of Kelantan.

Finally on May 31, 2009, Manohara can escape from the ‘shackles’ of her husband. At that time the family visited iatengah Kelantan in Singapore. Thanks to the cooperation between the embassies of Singapore, Embassy of the United States as well as the Indonesian side, finally on Sunday (31 / 5) morning Manohara to return to Indonesia.

After his return to Indonesia, Mano began to reorganize his life. She began to arrange her career in the entertainment world. But do not forget he was also still processing the case. After the lawyer OC Kaligis resign, then hook the seventh straight Mano prominent lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutamea them and Farhat Abbas.

While the case under investigation the authorities, Manohara Odelia Pinot began his career as a soap opera star. He received an exclusive contract from the production house to star sinteron SinemArt which tells the story of his life. She also penetrated other fields, namely model video clip.

Related to the case, Manohara had threatened deportation but his lawyer, Hotman confirmed it can not be done. In mid-June 2009, Mano began to appoint a lawyer in Malaysia, Muhammad Zaini Mazlan to take care of her case in Malaysia.

Not only in the courts against Tengku Fakhry Manohara is now under pressure and resistance from former confidant of his mother, Rudiansyah Fachry. In mid-November 2009, Rudi disclose facts that he regarded as a hoax made by Daisy.

Early November, unexpectedly Manohara Odelia Pinot case being heard in court Malaysia led to her defeat. According to the Court of Kuala Lumpur High Court, he and his mother convicted of slander and should pay damages amounting to RM105 million or about Rp291 billion. However, facing this demand, Manohara was not discouraged. For girl the decision was only unilateral.




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